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Contract for Difference .


The cryptocurrencies are virtual coins.



This market trades on the primary economic sector.

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Access to Leverage
Carry out your operations using leverage
depending on the type of operation you 
deal with your investment advisor.
Long-Term Operations
Protect your long-term investments
during market fluctuations.

Short-Term Operations
Boost your operating capital
through CFDs.


Tax Management
You will have greater control to generate
monetary gains or losses, which will allow
you to reduce your tax debts.

What are Financial Derivatives?

Contracts for difference or Financial Derivatives allows the operator to open a position on the future value of an asset both upwards and downwards, the operator accepts a Financial Derivatives contract at the quoted price and the difference between the initial price and the price of closing is what is called “Contract for difference” or Financial Derivatives.


The trading of Financial Derivatives gives you the opportunity to operate in thousands of financial markets without the need to invest large amounts to start because they are leveraged products, which means that to open the position you should only make a small deposit against a greater exposure to the market. The main advantage of the leverage is that it allows the operator to obtain a higher return on its capital and diversify its portfolio.


Operating with Financial Derivatives gives the operator the possibility of having influence over the market 24/7, as it is an over-the-counter market (OTC), it is possible to trade Financial Derivatives at any time of the day.


These factors make it an ideal instrument for trading or short-term investment. It is a simple option to operate the price change of several instruments, with leverage and immediate execution of stocks, indexes, commodities and commodities.


Advantages of Financial Derivatives

  • Financial markets. There is a greater variety of options that you can use.
  • Leverage. You make an operation through a security deposit, and this will maximize the operating capital.
  • There is no expiration.
  • Benefits for trends There are markets on the rise or down, short or long term, and you can choose to trade for sale or purchase.
  • Instant negotiation The operations are carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • Option to limit risks. By means of tools that establish the maximum limit of losses. “Stop Loss”

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